Cover for Grants, Scholarships and Professorships Update

Grants, Scholarships and Professorships Update

Extended Deadlines

A reminder of the impending closing date for applications for:

BSNR/RCR du Boulay Travelling Professorship

BSNR Isherwood Prize 

BSNR travelling scholarships

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Please note that the closing date for the du Boulay Professorship applications was originally incorrectly shown as 31st May on the RCR website. 

This has now been amended, however the error only came to light this week.


NB: We have therefore extended the deadline for all of the above awards, and will accept applications until 5pm on 10th May 2019.

Shortlisted applicants for the du Boulay and Isherwood awards will be invited for interview on 17th June at RCR in London.


Adam Waldman

BSNR Academic SC Chair