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The membership categories are Full, Associate, Trainee, Senior, Overseas, and Honorary; scroll down to find out more.

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Full Members

Radiologists who hold a substantive consultant post in a neurosciences centre and whose primary professional interest is the practice of neuroradiology including clinical practice, research and education. They shall pay the current full subscription and have one vote at annual or special meetings. If not already an associate or trainee member, they will need to be proposed and seconded by two full members.

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Associate Members

Consultant radiologists who have an interest in neuroradiology or other persons with an interest in neuroradiology, who do not fulfil the criteria to be full members. They need to be proposed and seconded by two full members. The subscription fee is half of the current full subscription. Associate members cannot attend or vote at annual or special meetings. An associate member may automatically become a full member on fulfilling the necessary criteria.

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Trainee Members

Radiologists in UK radiology training schemes, including core and subspecialty trainees, or in a recognized neurorariology training fellowship. They need to be proposed and seconded by two full members. No subscription fee is payable. On reaching CCT, an associate trainee member will change membership category and may become an associate or a full member, depending on which of the criteria they fulfil.

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Senior Members

Full members who have retired from Health Service commitments may become senior members. They will pay no annual subscription and although they may attend the annual business meeting, they may not vote. On retirement members may continue as full members if they wish.

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Overseas Members

Overseas members include neuroradiologists and radiologists with an interest in neuroradiology whose practice is outside of the UK. The subscription fee is waived. They need to be proposed and seconded by two full members. They have no voting rights.

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Honorary Members

The Society may exceptionally elect to honorary membership distinguished medical practitioners working in the field of neurological sciences. Honorary members have no voting rights and are exempt from the annual subscription fee.