Cover for BSNR Xmas Lecture 2022

BSNR Xmas Lecture 2022

The 2022 Christmas lecture will be delivered by Prof. Tim Griffiths, Professor of Cognitive Neurology in Newcastle University and Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow. He is a Fellow
of Academy of Medical Sciences and an Adjunct Chair in University of Iowa. Prof Griffiths graduated from University of Oxford and from where he also holds a DM in Neurology. He is
an international authority on auditory cognition including musical perception. He has made many key contributions to both fundamental and applied neuroscience including
identification of specific pitch and pitch-sequence systems in auditory cortex using functional imaging.

Prof Griffiths will talk about how the brain constructs a picture of the acoustic world to allow us to understand natural scenes containing speech and music. He will also consider
how this process might go wrong in brain disorders and be relevant to established links between hearing loss and dementia. Therefore, please put this date in your diaries and join us online on Thursday 15th December at 6pm to enjoy this special BSNR event. You can register for the event here.