Cover for BSNR Easter Lecture

BSNR Easter Lecture

Missing the Gorilla: Radiology, Inattentional Blindness, and the Law

Paul Sankey is one of the leading Clinical Negligence experts in the United Kingdom, and has a particular interest in and knowledge of how the Law applies to Radiology. How do radiologists get into trouble? What is an excusable mistake? How are radiologist mistakes viewed by the Law? And what can we do to protect ourselves?

Following on from Professor Wolfe’s Christmas Lecture about why radiologists miss things, Paul will look at what can happen when radiologists do miss things. Paul will cover these issues and others, promising that in his talk you will fail to see some things that you would think you should have seen. Paul is a fantastically engaging speaker and is well known from his appearances on television and in the media.

Join us for another excellent BSNR Lecture at 6pm on Wednesday 21st April – click the link below for free registration.

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