Cover for BSNR Annual Meeting Postponed

BSNR Annual Meeting Postponed

President’s Statement

Dear colleagues and friends,

I sincerely hope everyone in the Neuroradiology community remains healthy and adequately protected by having been enabled to work substantially off-site and provided with appropriate software, ways of working and PPE when on-site. Our president elect, Dr Danny Birchall has helpfully set up lines of communication for sharing experiences through Neuroradiology team leaders at each Neuroscience Centre and if there is any way the BSNR can lend its weight to enabling departments to adapt individual workplaces at this time, let Danny or me know. I will be passing the Presidency over to Danny in the Autumn.

It will come as no surprise to learn that the annual BSNR meeting planned for September 2020 in London has had to be postponed until Autumn 2021 with the planned programme of annual meetings all having to be pushed back a year. Liverpool will therefore become the host of the 2022 meeting etc. The Trainee Symposia have also had to be put on hold for the year but these will restart as soon as we are allowed and possibly with greater frequency to maintain the momentum of the rolling curriculum.

The Executive Committee has been working on a proposal to apply to the Charities Commission to change our status to a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). We were planning to ask the membership to vote on this at the annual meeting but as that has now been postponed, we will be contacting you electronically to consult, comment and vote on the amendment in due course. Please engage with this communication when it arrives as it will have a considerable impact on the health of the Society in the coming years.

It is a great shame we will not be able to share our research, knowledge and friendship this year on the 50th anniversary of the first BSNR meeting but I encourage you all to resolve to attend the celebratory meeting in 2021 and make it a resounding success. Until then, we send our very best wishes to you all from the BSNR.

Norman McConachie

BSNR President