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BSNR Educational Programme

Following the success of the webinar programme over the summer, the BSNR is pleased to announce a structured programme of webinars over the next two years covering the core curriculum for diagnostic neuroradiology training. This is primarily aimed at subspecialty training level - ST4/5(+) - but all are welcome.

These are currently on a Monday between 1 and 2pm. Where possible, short summary lecture videos will be made available to members for viewing during the period of the module. Many of the tutorials will have associated pacsbin cases for you to scroll through yourselves during the teaching.

Please click on the following link to register for the educational programme (via Zoom). You only have to register once and you will receive invites to all of the sessions. After registering you will receive a unique link to each session:


The aim is to provide teaching that is:

  • focused at the correct level for subspecialty trainees
  • accessible
  • interactive
  • responsive to learner needs
  • practical for day to day neuroradiological reporting

We would greatly appreciate your feedback along the way to make this teaching as useful as possible.

Please direct any queries, feedback or suggestions to the Training and Education Subcommittee on




Module 3: Oncology

11/1/21: Anatomical Approach to Adult Brain Tumours, Dr Ibrahim Djoukhadar

18/1/21: Advanced Imaging Techniques, Dr Ayisha Al-Busaidi

25/1/21: Imaging of Diffuse Glioma, Dr Stuart Currie

1/2/21: Post-Treatment Imaging, Dr Anant Krishnan & Dr Rachel Lewis

8/2/21: Lymphoma, Dr Samantha Mills

15/2/21: Meningeal Tumours & Mimics, Dr Tilak Das

22/2/21: Sellar and Suprasellar Pathology, Dr Jane Evanson

1/3/21: Paediatric Infratentorial Tumours, Dr Arpita Chattopadhyay

8/3/21: Paediatric Supratentorial Tumours, Dr Sina Kafiabadi

15/3/21: Phakomatoses, Dr Fiona Chatterjee

22/3/21: Epilepsy, Dr Jozef Jarosz


Upcoming Modules:

Module 3: Oncology

  • 11th January 2021 - 8th March 2021

The list of upcoming lecture topics is available here.


Meet the Team

The Educational Programme is organised by the Training and Education Subcommittee. You can see the subcommittee membership here.