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Standards Subcommittee

Welcome to the Standards Subcommittee page. We hope that you will find them useful and of interest. The terms of reference describe our aims and activities. The publications and papers that we have  been involved with are available here. Please note that these are not prescriptive and are the opinion of the committee members. We would welcome any comments or suggestions.

The committee is currently fully staffed but changes are likely as members reach the end of their term of office. We will advertise for new members as and when necessary and welcome expressions of interest.

If there are any topics that you would like the committee to consider for further guidelines and advice, please let us know.

I would also ask that any member of the society who is planning to or has been co-opted onto any specific national guideline (example NICE) would let us know so that there is good communication and that we are aware when you respond to the request for information that "you" are also involved. This should prevent any differing responses.