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The BSNR exists to promote the practice, development, sharing, and teaching of world-class Neuroradiology in a way that is inclusive and engaging.

Key aims of the Society include:

To further the teaching of Neuroradiology


To support the exchange of scientific information and to stimulate research


To promote the highest standards of practice


To promote engagement with all with an interest in Neuroradiology nationally and internationally

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To become a part of a vibrant, exciting and innovative society that is at the heart of national and international neuroradiology.

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Dates Title Location
18/11/2021 BSNR Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 Royal College of Physicians, London
16/08/2021 Clinical Neuroanatomy Course London
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BSNR Module 5: Spine. Lecture 1: Cord Signal Abnormality

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BSNR Address: The British Society of Neuroradiologists
Royal College of Radiologists, 63 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3JW, UK.

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This #WorldAnatomyDay view our online Anatomy Neuro short course.

Teaching the appearances with different imaging modalities of the brain's major lobes & fissures, ventricles & CSF, blood vessel supply plus more.

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