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Educational Programme and Other Activities

25 November 2020 (Last updated: 25 Nov 2020 18:29)

Dear Colleagues,

There have been major and exciting steps forward in recent weeks in relation to the BSNR Educational Programme.

1. Ian Craven and his team have put in place a free two-year webinar-based modular programme created in conjunction with the RCR and ASNR curricula, and aligned to the BSNR Curriculum Support Tool. The target audience is not only ST4 to ST6 Neuroradiology trainees, but is also of value to more junior trainees and DGH radiologists. This is delivered mainly by UK Consultants, and the programme consists of weekly Monday lunchtime tutorials, using live cases, polling and Q&A. The aim is generally not to teach didactically, but to encourage attendees to scroll through cases and to formulate their own opinions. The lectures are recorded and available to view through the BSNR website here.

The registrants for the tutorials number in the hundreds, making it one of the best attended educational programmes internationally, and the feedback has been excellent. The Trauma module has just completed, and the Stroke module has just commenced.

2. Ian Craven and Priya Bhatnagar are co-ordinating a twice-monthly series of Grand Rounds, in which individual departments present interesting cases. This typically takes place on Wednesday lunchtimes. This programme is developing rapidly, and recent centres presenting include Great Ormond Street and UCL. Preston hosted the Grand Round this week. The programme is allowing us to engage internationally, and Grand Rounds are anticipated from Singapore and Brazil in the new year.

3. The BSNR is now supporting the development and promotion of a series of day-time conferences, hosted by centres within the UK. This programme of conferences is integral to building the standing of the BSNR in the international Neuroradiology community.

Shubh Biswas and his colleagues at The Walton Centre, Liverpool, hosted the first formal international collaboration involving the BSNR last Saturday. This was the inaugural meeting between the BSNR and the Indian Society of Neuroradiology, entitled “Emerging perspectives in Neuro-intervention”. This was a great success, with international registrants and some fantastic cases.

Paul Bhogal and colleagues at Barts are hosting the BRAIN Conference for four days from Monday 7th December, covering updates on trials in stroke and mechanical thrombectomy, latest aneurysm treatment technology, computer simulation, and AI. 

4. A series of thought-provoking evening lectures is being instituted, aimed at trainee and Consultant Neuroradiologists. This will take place approximately every two months. The inaugural evening lecture will be presented by the world-renowned radiologist and psychologist Professor Jeremy Wolfe, on Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 6 pm. Professor Wolfe is a world expert on how radiologists see abnormalities on scans, and on why radiologists also sometimes fail to see things on scans. This lecture is also the inaugural BSNR Christmas Lecture and is entitled: “OMG, I did not see that! The science of missing what is in front of your eyes” It is a great honour and privilege to have Professor Wolfe talking with us.

All of these developments have been made possible by the investment of funds by the BSNR in a high quality, professional Zoom platform, supported by integration with Pacsbin for real-time access to imaging studies. The future success of the Programme depends on the input and involvement of individuals and departments from around the UK (and increasingly internationally). Your help and support is needed and appreciated, and
there is an open invitation to any and all of you to become involved with the programme.

Please do get in touch if you would like to be part of the Programmes; the best initial point of contact is the BSNR TESC.

Thank you for your support.