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RCEM/RCR/BSNR Guidance on CVST Following AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

10 Apr 2021

Guidance on CVST Following AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Update 13/4/21 Following consultation with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the BSNR is pleased to have contributed to and endorse the RCEM guidance, which is available... Read more

BSNR Christmas Lecture

17 Dec 2020

OMG, I did not see that! The science of missing what is in front of your eyes

BSNR Inaugural Christmas Lecture We were extremely lucky to have Jeremy Wolfe, Professor of Ophthalmology & Radiology, Harvard Medical School and Director, Visual Attention Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital as our inaugural... Read more

Update from the President

25 Nov 2020

Educational Programme and Other Activities

Dear Colleagues, There have been major and exciting steps forward in recent weeks in relation to the BSNR Educational Programme. 1. Ian Craven and his team have put in place a free two-year webinar-based modular programme created in... Read more

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