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BSNR Inaugural Christmas Lecture: OMG, I did not see that! The science of missing what is in front of your eyes

Professor Jeremy Wolfe - Professor of Ophthalmology & Radiology, Harvard Medical School and Director, Visual Attention Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Professor Jeremy Wolfe is in many people’s eyes the world’s leading researcher in the field of visual psychology in relation to radiology, and he runs the internationally renowned Visual Attention Laboratory at Harvard.

Key questions his team study include: How do radiologists find what they are looking for in medical images? Why do they sometimes fail to find what they are looking for? How can a radiologist fail to “see” something that is right in front of their eyes? What can we do about this?

Professor Wolfe will cover these issues and others, promising that in his talk you will fail to see some things that you would think you should have seen.

We are very honoured to welcome Professor Wolfe to talk with us.

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