Cover for BSNR/UKNG Joint Statement on Sexual Harassment and Assault

BSNR/UKNG Joint Statement on Sexual Harassment and Assault

Joint Statement on Sexual Harassment and Assault

The BSNR and UKNG are committed to being inclusive, supportive organisations for all Members and condemn all forms of sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault. The recent report published by the Working Party on Sexual Misconduct in Surgery highlights the fact that sexual harassment including physical assault in the workplace remains a significant issue in healthcare. These appalling behaviours and experiences are not confined to surgery alone and we recognise that some of our members may have been, or might be affected.

There is no place for harassment in any form at work, or in Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) and we must all play a role in building an informed, zero-tolerance culture. Every one of us has a duty to maintain personal professional standards, to support our co-workers and to recognise and report incidents when they occur. The BSNR and UKNG will work with the RCR and wider NHS to address the cultural and structural factors which facilitate this unacceptable behaviour, in order to provide a safe environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

To underpin this statement, both SIGs will support the RCR in delivering the commitments  outlined in the healthcare charter (

Rob Lenthall
UKNG Chair

Dipayan Mitra
BSNR President

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