Connectivity & Engagement

The BSNR places the highest emphasis on inclusivity and openness. The Society aims to engage as widely as possible with all those with an interest in Neuroradiology.

Connectivity & Engagement

Key aspects of this include:

Regular, open and effective communications.

Promoting a culture of inclusivity.

Simplifying access to membership of the BSNR.

Opening associate membership to radiology trainees.

Engagement with radiology trainees of all levels of seniority.

Engagement with non-specialist radiologists with an interest in Neuroradiology.

Development of connectivity with sister organisations internationally.

Strengthening of collaboration with sister organisations within the UK.

Close collaboration with the Royal College of Radiologists.

Development of linkages with Neuroradiographers.

Enhanced working with non-radiological Clinical Neuroscience bodies.

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BSNR Address: The British Society of Neuroradiologists
Royal College of Radiologists, 63 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3JW, UK.

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