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BSNR Executive Committee

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President (October 2020 - October 2022): Dr Daniel Birchall (Newcastle)

Immediate Past President: Dr Norman McConachie (Nottingham)

Treasurer: Dr Dipayan Mitra (Newcastle)

Honorary Secretary: Dr Harriet Joy (Southampton)

ESNR / WFNRS Representative: Dr Kyriakos Lobotesis (Charing Cross)

Standards Subcommittee Chair: Dr David Summers (Edinburgh)

TESC Subcommittee Chair: Dr Ian Craven (Leeds)

Academic Subcommittee Chair: Dr Rob Dineen (Nottingham)

UKNG Chair and NHS England Neuroscience Clinical Reference Group Neuroradiology Lead: Dr Phil White (Newcastle)

Junior Representatives: Dr Shah Islam (Diagnostic, London), Dr Cha-ney Kim (Intervention, Hull)

Website and Communications Lead: Dr Tom Campion (London)


Dr Daniel Birchall, President

Daniel Birchall 

Dr Daniel Birchall has been a Consultant in Newcastle for 20 years, and has practised in interventional and in diagnostic Neuroradiology. He recently visited most centres as du Boulay travelling professor, and greatly enjoyed meeting so many friends and colleagues. He hopes to be able to serve the Neuroradiology community in his current role as best he can, and to help in guiding the BSNR forwards into the 2020’s.

Dr Dipayan Mitra, Treasurer

Dipayan Mitra

Dr Dipayan Mitra is a Consultant Neuroradiologist in Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne and Hon. Senior Lecturer in Newcastle University. He had been a past member of BSNR standards sub-committee, GMC fitness to practice panel and final FRCR paper setting panel. He is the CI of a BRC funded multi-centre study (SINONIMS) and involved in various capacities in a number of national and international trials.

Dr Harriet Joy, Secretary

Dr Harriet Joy has been a diagnostic neuroradiologist at University Hospital Southampton for 15 years. Her subspecialty interests include neuro-oncology, and she is clinical lead for the adult neuro-oncology MDT, as well as paediatric neuroradiology and epilepsy imaging. She is also a member of the standards subcommittee. 

Professor Kyriakos Lobotesis, ESNR/WFNRS Representative

Professor Kyriakos Lobotesis is a Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist and currently Head of Specialty, at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He did his general Neuroradiology training in Cambridge prior to commencing the Boston Scientific Neurointerventional Fellowship in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He also worked as a Praticien Attaché at the Hôpital Gui de Chauliac, Montpellier, France with a particular emphasis on endovascular therapies of the brain and spine. Beyond his clinical responsibilities, Professor Lobotesis is a Professor of Practice at Imperial College London and has produced a steady stream of peer-reviewed papers to date. His primary interests lie in new medical devices and technologies and he is currently involved in a number of research trials, with collaborative links nationally and abroad. He was awarded with the British Society of Neuroradiologists Du Boulay visiting Professorship in 2017.

Dr David Summers, Standards Subcommitee Chair

Dr David Summers is a Consultant ENT/Neuroradiologist at NHS Lothian, and a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. He is the radiologist for the National CJD Surveillance Unit and his research interests include neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disorders, neuro-oncology and ENT.

Dr Ian Craven, Training and Education Subcommittee Chair

Dr Ian Craven is the current Chair of the Training and Education Subcommittee. He has always been heavily involved in training completing his MEd in 2018. The BSNR has an incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of neuroradiology training in the UK. This prospect has been reinforced by the outstanding generosity of our members in engaging with education during the recent pandemic. If you have any ideas/comments/opinions about education or training, please get in touch.

Professor Rob Dineen, Academic Subcommittee Chair

Professor Rob Dineen is Clinical Associate Professor Neuroimaging at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. He is the Deputy Director of the Clinical Academic Training Programme in Nottingham, with responsibility for NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturers and Academic Foundation Trainees. He was awarded the BSNR Du Boulay Professorship in 2014-2016. His research interest is the application of neuroimaging techniques to characterise pathophysiological mechanisms in neurological diseases.

Professor Phil White, UKNG Representative and NHS England Neuroscience Clinical Reference Group Neuroradiology Lead

Professor Phil White holds the Chair of Interventional and Diagnostic Neuroradiology at Newcastle University. He is the Co-Principal Investigator of three randomised controlled trials in ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke amongst a wide portfolio of clinical trial and [neuro]imaging research. He represents the Royal College of Radiologists on the Intercollegiate Working Party in Stroke 2006-. He Chaired the Acute Studies Group of the UK Stroke Research Network 2009-2015 and sits on the NIHR Hyperacute Stroke Research Centre Oversight Group. He is Neuroradiology rep on NHS England Neurosciences Clinical Reference Group and Policy Working Group on Thrombectomy. He currently Chairs the UK Neurointerventional Group & sits on several BSNR committees. He chairs the European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy Education Committee and is co-organiser of the ECMINT Course for ESMINT.

Dr Shah Islam, Junior Representative (Diagnostic)

Shah Islam

Dr Shah Islam is currently a clinical research fellow at Imperial College London completing his PhD in advanced brain imaging. He was previously appointed an NIHR academic Clinical Fellow at the Institute of Cancer Research. His research focuses on the development of new imaging biomarkers of early treatment response in Glioblastoma using advanced MRI and PET techniques, as well as artificial intelligence.

Dr Cha-ney Kim, Junior Representative (Interventional)

Cha-ney Kim

Dr Cha-ney Kim is currently an interventional neuroradiology fellow based in Hull. He is also currently the Junior Radiologists Forum representative for Hull. He has interests in medical education and has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education. His clinical interests include acute stroke imaging and treatment and endovascular therapies for neurovascular conditions. 

Dr Tom Campion, Website & Communications Lead

Dr Tom Campion is a Consultant Head & Neck/Neuroradiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust, and his clinical interests include neuro-oncology, head and neck cancer, neuroinflammatory and neuroendocrine disease, and trauma. He is particularly interested in medical education having completed a postgraduate certificate in Education for Clinical Contexts and is a member of the Training and Education subcommittee and actively involved in organising the BSNR Educational Programme.