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BSNR Executive Committee

President (October 2020 - October 2022): Dr Daniel Birchall (Newcastle)

Immediate Past President: Dr Norman McConachie (Nottingham)

Treasurer: Dr Dipayan Mitra (Newcastle)

Honorary Secretary: Dr Harriet Joy (Southampton)

ESNR / WFNRS Representative: Dr Kyriakos Lobotesis (Charing Cross)

Standards Subcommittee Chair: Dr David Summers (Edinburgh)

TESC Subcommittee Chair: Dr Ian Craven (Leeds)

Academic Subcommittee Chair: Dr Rob Dineen (Nottingham)

UKNG Representative: Dr Peter Flynn (Belfast)

Junior Representative: Dr Shah Islam (Diagnostic), Dr Sara Sciacca (Interventional) (both London)

Website and communications officer: Dr Tom Campion (London)