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BSNR Standards Subcommittee Position

Trainee Representative

Position: BSNR Standards Subcommittee Trainee Representative

Deadline for application: 9th March 2020

Frequency of meetings: Roles involve meetings roughly 3-4 times a year either at the RCR in London or at the BSNR annual conference. Meetings lasting up to 2 hours. Refreshment provided. Travel expenses can be claimed.

What we do: The mission of the subcommittee is the production of Neuroradiology standards documents that can be referred to by those in Neuroradiology but also non-specialists who may need official guidance (i.e. Neurologist/Neurosurgeons for aneurysm screening advice, Radiologists for neuroimaging scanning protocols, Health commissioners for standards of staffing and scan services for health service planning). Some of these standards documents are produced as collaborative efforts with UKNG and RCR. There may be additional roles to volunteer for as the BSNR committees may get invites to other groups i.e. NICE.

A varied representation is encouraged on the committee with a mix of diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologists from around the country with a committee roughly around 10 members.

What your work entails:

The role of the trainee representative is:

a) Trainee viewpoint on the production of these documents and opportunity to help draft these alongside the consultants.

b) Exposure to committee duties which may serve as a CV builder and experience when sitting on committees in the future (at hospital or specialty levels)

c) Opportunity to network with the consultants

How to get involved:

Email your expression of interest to Dr Summers, Chair of the BSNR Standards Subcommittee ( containing

a) A short paragraph of why you would like to participate in this opportunity

b) Attached CV