Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings Year 2

Year 2 - Modules 5-8

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Module 5: Spine

1. Cord Signal Abnormality with Dr Tilak Das
2. Brachial Plexus with Dr Lucy Childs
3. Degenerative Spine with Dr Mark Igra
4. Spinal Infection with Dr Dan Scoffings
5. Spinal Tumours with Dr Shubh Biswas
6. Spinal Vascular Disorders with Dr David Minks
7. Postoperative Spine with Dr Radhesh Lalam
8. Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension and Spinal CSF Leaks with Dr Lalani Carlton Jones
9. Carotid Disease with Dr David Doig

The Joint BSSR/BSNR Spinal and Nerve Imaging Masterclass recording is also available here.

Module 6: Paediatrics

1. Intro to Paediatric Neuroimaging with Jessica Cooper and Dr Helen Cliffe
2. Paediatric Stroke with Dr Helen Cliffe
3. Demyelinating Disease with Dr Dipayan Mitra
4. Head and Neck Emergencies with Dr Ata Siddiqui
5. Paediatric Hydrocephalus - (not currently available)
6. Abusive Craniospinal Trauma with Dr Adam Oates (not currently available)
7. Paediatric Epilepsy with Dr Jozef Jarosz
8. Paediatric CNS Infection with Dr Andrea Liu
9. Spinal Dysraphism with Dr Kshitij Mankad
10. Infratentorial Tumours with Dr Ian Craven
11. Supratentorial Tumours with Dr Kirsten Pearce
12. Neonatal Encephalopathy with Dr Arpita Chattopadhyay
13. Cortical Malformations with Dr Sniya Sudhakar
14. Leukodystrophies with Dr Andrew Mackinnon

The BSNR Spring Lecture, An Evening with Frank Gaillard, is also available here.

Module 7: Head and Neck

1. Craniofacial Trauma with Dr Sobes Battison
2. Temporal Bone with Dr Sachin Mathur
3. Skull Base with Dr Ashok Adams
4. Acute Neck Infections with Dr Derek Smith
5. Orbital Imaging with Dr Reena Dwivedi
6. Incidental Findings in the Head and Neck with Dr Ayesha Khatib
7. Cranial Nerves V & VII with Dr Ata Siddiqui & Dr Tilak Das
8. Paranasal Sinuses with Dr Xin Ying Kowa

Module 8: Imaging for Neurointervention

1. Cerebral Aneurysms with Dr Juveria Siddiqui
2. Stroke Thrombectomy with Dr Alex Mortimer
3. Paediatric Neurointervention with Dr Adam Rennie
4. Cerebral AVFs & AVMs with Dr Sarah Power
5. Cerebral Venous Thrombosis with Dr Luqman Malik

Webinar Recordings

Year 1 - Modules 1-4

Click on the title of the webinar to view the recording.

Module 1: Trauma

1. Head Trauma with Dr Ian Craven
2. Cervical Spine Trauma with Dr Stuart Currie
3. Soft Tissue Neck Trauma with Dr Tom Campion
4. Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma with Dr Lalani Carlton Jones
(19th October - 16th November 2020)

Module 2: Stroke

1. Patient Selection with Dr Tony Goddard (no recording available)
2. Venous Stroke with Dr David Doig
3. Imaging in Reduced Consciousness with Dr Rekha Siripurapu
4. Paediatric Stroke with Dr Helen Cliffe (no recording available)
5. Hypoxic-ischaemic Encephalopathy with Dr Ata Siddiqui
(23rd November - 21st December 2020)

Module 3: Tumour

1. Adult Posterior Fossa and Pineal Tumours with Dr Ibrahim Djoukhadar
2. Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques with Dr Aisha Al Busaidi
3. Examining the Diffuse Glioma with Dr Stuart Currie
4. Post-Treatment Imaging in High Grade Glioma with Dr Rachel Lewis & Dr Anant Krishnan
5. Imaging in CNS Lymphoma with Dr Samantha Mills
6. Meningeal Tumours & Mimics with Dr Tilak Das
7. Sellar & Suprasellar Pathology with Dr Jane Evanson
8. Paediatric Infratentorial Tumours with Dr Arpita Chattopadhyay
9. Paediatric Supratentorial Tumours with Dr Sina Kafiabadi
10. Phakomatoses with Dr Fiona Chatterjee
11. Epilepsy with Dr Jozef Jarosz
(11th January - 22nd March 2021)

Module 4: Infection & Inflammation

1. Multiple Sclerosis Imaging with Prof Klaus Schmierer & Dr Tom Campion
2. Demyelinating Disease & MS Mimics with Dr Ashok Adams
3. Brain Infection in the Immunocompetent Patient with Dr Amit Herwadkar
4. CNS Infection in the Patient with HIV/AIDS with Dr Curtis Offiah
5. Autoimmune Disorders of the CNS with Dr Mark Radon
6. Toxic & Metabolic CNS Disorders with Dr Fintan Sheerin
7. Paediatric Leukodystrophies with Dr Adam Thomas
8. Paediatric CNS Infection with Prof Stavros Stivaros

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